Valley Girl Review: This Love Story Remake will melt you


Valley Girl : Shakespeare’s Romeo Juliet has been an inspiration for all the romantic script writers and poet. No greater story than it has ever been seen or heard. In 1983, Martha Coolidge came up with a loosely similar but an individual idea of the Valley Girl . The story was based on the star crossed lovers with Deborah Foreman and Nicolas Cage as the titular Valley Girl, Julie, and the Hollywood punk she falls in love with, Randy. The part coming musical movie, Valley girl is the best remake version of some of the best music and coordinates of the 80’s.

The movie opens with a heart breaking scene of a woman who is sitting outside a club after having a break up with her boyfriend. Upon that she calls her mom and ask her to pick her up from the club. Upon reaching home she reveals that the broke up because she took a decision of studying abroad in Japan. This leads to a serious discussion in the house about the maintenance of relations in one’s life and what should the stand of the other person in your life. During the discussion the woman’s mother Julie finds it appropriate to narrate her first love Randy and how it opened her eyes to the possibilities that lie beyond the comfortable confines of the San Fernando Valley.

Valley Girl

From that point the movie goes back in flashback which is set in the 80’s  with young Julie and her group of friends strolling through the mall and dancing to The Go-Go’s “We Got The Beat”. In the opposite side of the valley a group of rowdy are enjoying their times . In each of the locations of the movie the songs are carefully chosen and embedded with the story of the movie. All the songs are picked for a specific reason and not only to make them a blockbuster of the 80’s but to have an impact on the audience.

However, Julie has her own free life and wants make the most out of a bubble. Even though her family had mapped out everything her but her dream of pursuing fashion in New York seems quite weird to everyone. During her introspecting time she meets Randy. He constitutes of everything her family wants her to avoid. Yet both fall in of with each other real quickly but find opposition from all sides of their living. The question here is will they be able t make it through or will the society over power them?

The story is believable and especially well knit. It’s an innocent, electrifying, beautiful, empowering, and thought-provoking first love that encourages growth in one another. Though the movie starts very cheesy at first but then becomes more relevant. The remake of the movie stands on its own legs with character’s have being shown real like relations and emotions. The chemistry between characters keeps the audience glued to the movie.


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