Ant-Man 3 New Update could be coming soon, All we know


Ant-Man 3 : The world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is at a pause now with the global pandemic. Fans stuck at home are eagerly waiting for November when Cate Shortland’s Black Widow finally enters theaters. Marvel Studios has been forced to delay its entire slate of theatrical releases, including Ant-Man 3.The film is still waiting to get its release date. Right now 9if you look optimistically, the chances of the release is around 2023. As the dates have lined up by MCU till end of 2022.

Although now what makes Ant Man 3 in news is some interesting bait of fans dropped by Ant-Man star Michael Douglas .During a quarantine Q&A with fans on Instagram, the star was asked if he knew anything about the upcoming threequel. As you might expect, Douglas remained pretty tight-lipped on it all, though he did end up giving fans a little tease. “I can’t talk about it,” he whispers. “Because the Marvel guys, they’ll shoot me with a blowgun. But i feel you bought to hold tight because there could be some information beginning pretty soon.”

Ant-Man 3

Latest Update Alert! (Ant-Man 3)

Long before Ant-Man 3 was reported to be in development, Douglas spoiled his return to the franchise. “The Marvel world has really been a blast!” the actor said in an interview last November. “I love them, I’m having a great time. We’re starting a 3rd [Ant-Man movie] within the beginning of January 2021.” With all the delays now, it might stand to reason that the assembly start date has also been pushed back.

Though we don’t know an exact plot, Ant-Man helmer Peyton Reed previously stated he’d love diving further into the Quantum Realm, a dimension first introduced in Ant-Man and the Wasp before being expanded upon in Avengers: Endgame.

Still, it’s a welcome surprise. This is a great news for fans. The franchise will return with third season soon.

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