Aronofsky Batman Movie: Why didn’t it happen and how it looked like ?


Before the Nolan’s Trilogy happened, an adaptation of Miller Batman: Year One was in development with Darren Aronofsky as writer and director. The project was ultimately cancelled, but details about the plot and making were released in different forms throughout the years. There have been different theories to why the production stopped and what happened after it. This news got so much attention just the news was related to the world famous Batman who has been appearing on screens since in 1943 in a black and white 15-chapter serial with Lewis Wilson as the Cape Crusader and Douglas Croft as Robin.

The saga of batman started in the year 1960’s with the release of Batman TV series starring Adam West and Burt Ward. But the name got its bug screen popularity in 1989 with the movie simply titles Batman starring Micheal Keaton as the main character. The movie was a big hit both form the audience and the critic’s perspective. As a result of the huge success of the movie of the sequel of the movie which came in 1992. After which things went downhill for the batman fandom with two not so good movies Batman Forever and Batman & Robinn.


Following the critical failure of the two movies Warner Brothers decided to come up with a never seen before movie of the Batman called the Batman: Year One. After receiving pitches from Joss Whedon and Joel Schumacher, Warner Bros. hired Darren Aronofsky to write and direct the project, with Frank Miller working with him on the script. But even after so many efforts the movie did not come to the silver screen and to people eyes. Since the cancellation of the movie there have been different leaks on the story and version of the movie which would have been out if the movie had released.

The story of the movie was written by Frank Miller and was based on the subplot where Jim Gordon dealt with Gotham City’s corruption . Other elements of the movie were taken from the comic itself but Aronofsky’s idea what far away from the original idea yet loosely connected to it.

There are various theories guessing why did the Aronofsky version of Batman did not release .

First is that the movie showed a very dark version of Batman which was some concept of the 2000’s . The second is that the makers of the movie had some other actor in their mind for the movie but  after all the elements coming together did not suit the theme of the movie and did not look good. All of this made the studio decide not to move forward with the project and instead put all its attention into Nolan’s trilogy.

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