Pokémon GO Guide: Where and How to catch Ice-type Pokémon


When the players reach the end of the Johto Throwback Challenge tasks in Pokémon Go, they will have to catch an Ice-type Pokémon. For some of the players, this might seem to be a tall order indeed, as snowy weather is not in the forecast for many areas in the world. However, it is still possible to catch an Ice-type Pokémon in Pokémon GO. In this article you can find some important points that will help you in finding the Pokémon.

To find an Ice-type Pokémon naturally, you can search in grassy areas or near water bodies. Ice-type Pokémon sometimes spawn in these types of areas independent of the weather. And, if you put enough time to find the Pokémon will definitely succeed in doing so and will complete the Johoto Throwback research.


Well, there is an alternative method to find the Pokémon too.

You can purchase a Glacial Lure Module from the in-game store for 200 PokéCoins. These Glacial Lures attract Water and Ice-type Pokémon for about 30 minutes.

Once you complete this Throwback Challenge and earned your Ho-Oh with the Earthquake in PoGO, you can start preparing for the next-week’s challenge which will feature the Hoenn region. After that the players will be transferred to the Sinnoh region and after completing several tasks the players will unlock the Special Research. And, catching an Ice-type Pokémon will get them one step closer to their final destination.

Pokémon GO is playable in selected regions on iOS and Android devices.


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