Pune Labour Office issues notice for Tech Mahindra cutting labour salaries


As it happened with Wipro Ltd that complaints were made for reducing the salaries of its employees to maintain profitability of business. And now its Tech Mahindra, IT services firm for which the complain has been registered by Pune’s Labour Office.
National Information Technology Employees Senate is an organisation which works for the welfare and benefit of employees who work in IT industry specifically who informed Labour’s office about the claims received regarding salary cuts to maintain the profitability of the company.
The company through an e-mail notified to its employees that the shift allowance between Rs. 5000-10000 will stop from May. It also stated that salaries of more than 13000 employees of Tech Mahindra will be reduced.

On this announcement, NITES legally approached the Maharashtra Government and explained them about the violation of guidelines, rules and regulations. To which Government reacted to release the salaries of March and April legally.
The Notice signed by one of the officials from Labour’s Office asked the firm to not terminate or lay off the employees or reduce the salaries else legal matters are bound to happen with regard to this. To which the company replied, the shift allowance is paid for the struggle faced by workers to travel to work at odd hours and for the out of pocket expenses. But due to the lockdown, no travel and abrupt expenses are happening.
He further concludes by stating that their main focus remains to ensure the well-being of associates as without workforce they are just a building and four walls but along with maintaining the continuity of businesses.


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