Call of Duty: Warzone – Which is the Best Mode in the Game


When it was first announced that Infinity ward was in the process of making free-to-play Call of Duty game called Call of Duty: Warzone, it concentrated on the battle royale mode. But surprisingly, Plunder is the real star of the game.

Every match of Plunder has about 102 players grouped in about three to four players per team. Every team has to fight in order to win the $1 million in in-game cash first. Or, earn the most cash in those 30 minutes. The gamers can earn the cash by completing contracts, looting and picking up cash dropped by the players who died. Unlike battle royale,Warzone plunder lets everyone respawns after death. The only possible way to keep the cash safe is by investing it in buying an expensive extraction balloon. This balloon can be placed wherever the player wants while waiting for the helicopter to reach and extract the player from a very dangerous location.

One special thing that makes the Plunder everyone’s favorite is that the cash earned does not immediately goes to the squad. The cash is kept by the player individually until it is deposited. As, a result the shifting of roles keeps on taking place.


But Plunder is made up on the frame of Warzone. Due to which the map is as same as the battle royale. But Plunder gives you more opportunity to access the map as compared to Warzone ’s battle royale. Contracts, such as killing specific enemies, lead you to new you place which you might have never discovered. Out of all these, the game can mark the top three richest squads at any time of the game which might lead you to anywhere in the map without being just confined to the circle.

And most importantly, the player count is the actual advantage of the Plunder mode, which enables about 100 players in each game. Due to this, the fights are more spontaneous and can take place any time. This makes the match even more exciting.

Plunder lets everyone respawn for unlimited times but by diminishing their cash prize. This increases the risk of every match that you pull.

All these factors make the mode ‘Plunder’ in Warzone most favorite. 


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