Star Wars: Why is Boba Fett Cool even after dying


Boba Fett first appeared in an animated from in the Star War’s movie debut in 1980’s The Empire Strikes Back as the most dangerous hunters to track down the venomous Millennium Falcon. He might have not appeared very religiously in movies and series but had made its appearance quite strong and memorable for the fans. He had quite instantly made an impression on the entire Star wars name and in the hearts of the audience. He might have slipped on a banana peel and hit his head on a glacier and died but still considered his death as the coolest death.

Boba very surprising came to fame every time he showed up on the screen. He was sparsely featured in the movies like The Empire Strikes Back and Return of Jedi. There is quite less information given about the mystery and the appearance of the character for such small roles but the charismatic aura of the character . His death on the screen was shown the most unexpectedly and the audience could see no more of the superhero.

The surge of the star in the series was almost unusual without doing so much. At the height of Star Wars fever, even the most minor character was blessed with a name, a back story and an action figure, and many of these would be elaborated upon in what is now known as Star Wars Legends. Whereas Boba sighted a different appeal to the audience. Even that who has a little interest in Star War’s and hadn’t seen much of it. Boba made sure to even make them remember his name and work as a hunter. He is a character which lines first in the remembering list of star wars.

The movie did not show a lot of Boba’s missions, but the character was shown quite notorious and witty. Secondly many Star War’s villains have been bad at their jobs but Boba out shown there and embarked his name with a silver ink. Boba Fett was a breath of evil, fresh air by achieving exactly what he set out to do.

Though there was shown a vague ending of Boba sources have claimed that he could be alive. There has been no official confirmation on his existence. His appearance was hinted in the season one of Disney +.

Star war fans have not been entertained with the death of their favourite villain in the movie Return of Jedi and this shows what a cool aura he had among the audience.


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