The Eternals- Everything we know so far and What to expect ?


Marvel fans we have some amazing news coming here for you! This year’s Comic Con panel, Marvel formally announced that The Eternals was one of the big beast set to come out in their newly-announced Phase 4. Angelina Jolie is all set to be in in the franchise. Also, this came as the first news about The Eternals in the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe.

So far now here are only a handful of updates made available about the film at this time. Since Marvel is vigilant about keeping information secret from the public. Here we bring to you all the latest information that we have for you.

No doubt while there are only a handful of updates made available about the film at this time, as Marvel has been vigilant about keeping information secret from the public, The Eternals is developing up to be one of Marvel’s most entertaining and conceivably assuring new movies, especially when it comes to their new slate of movies after the climatic Avengers: Endgame.

The Eternals

As far now the production appears to have already begun in the early stages. The sets is ready in Buckinghamshire, England. Also, which is where the blockbuster was rumored to begin filming a few months ago.

Who Will Direct The Eternals?

In September 2018, it was revealed that Chloe Zhao would be at the helm of The Eternals. The Chinese filmmaker already earned a wealth of acclaim for her sophomore feature, The Rider, which appeared on a number of top 10 lists last year. Zhao was also in the running to direct Black Widow before the position was given to Cate Shortland.

Who Will Kumail Nanjiani Play In The Eternals?

Actor and comedian Kumail Nanjiani has kept himself exceptionally busy in the last few years, and now he’s set to star in The Eternals in the role of Kingo. Ever since breaking out on television with Silicon Valley and at the cinema with The Big Sick, a semi-autobiographical dramedy he also co-wrote, the actor has been working on a variety of different projects for screens both big and small.

Who Will Angelina Jolie Play In The Eternals?

It is confirmed that Angelina Jolie will play Thena. Her character one of the genetically-engineered crime-fighters in the Eternals. The first announcement of film showed us her presence. This came as a big surprise. While all these years she has kept herself busy with direction, its good to see her back in action again.

All in all the fans must be really thrilled to get their star back on screen. This is going to be one big movie.



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