The New Mutants- All Updates on the Upcoming movie and When it may Release ?


Just as it almost reached its target 2020 release date, X-Men film, The New Mutants had a stressful year. With the coronavirus pandemic throughout the year the release of the film could not make it to the cinema halls. Disney having no choice, it had to remove it from the schedule and delay it to an unknown date.

As of now many films have taken the step forward for the digital release. Disney recently announced that Artemis Fowl will officially be moving its premiere to Disney+ instead of a theatrical release. Subsequently, many people speculated that they might also decide to move The New Mutants to a digital release. Especially after Bob Iger confirmed that more movies might follow Artermis Fowl to the streaming service.

Although we have a strange news. Recently, in a new report by The Hollywood Reporter, they revealed that this might not be the case for the long-awaited X-Men film after all as their sources confirmed that “[The New Mutants] is still planned for a theatrical release.” This report comes after Amazon accidentally listed the film on their pre-order listing.


How can you watch the film?

The New Mutants is available on Amazon for pre-order. You can watch it for $25.99. There’s no release date listed, but this would seemingly be an indication that the movie would be heading to people’s homes, rather than having a full theatrical release. In this case is would likely be available via video on demand, like Universal did with Trolls World Tour. Although right now the studio has made no official announcement regarding the future of Josh Boone’s upcoming superhero flick.

If The New Mutants ends up going directly to homes through video on demand, it would be interesting to see how that decision ripples across the movie industry. There’s an ongoing conflict between certain studios and hall owners regarding movies going directly to video on demand instead of their planned theatrical release.

So now that most of the films await their release. We are sure that digital platforms will give their best to entertain you. Keep reading the space for more updates.


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