Which All are the upcoming Thomas HardyMovies


Edward Thomas Hardy made his debut in Ridley Scott’s Black Hawk Down in the year 2001 and has also been nominated for Academy choice Awards for the best supporting actor. Hardy gained most of his popularity after starring in 2012   in The Dark Knight Rises and 2015’s Mad Max: Fury Road. The star has a reputation for providing distinct character interpretations and his diverse characters. Here are every Tom Hardy movie that after the Capone. In the near future fans can expect their hero to appear on the silver screen again.


Some movies and series that Tom will be seen in include

  1. The True American– A movie based on an American terrorist who is furious to take revenge of the 9/11 attack on the United States. He shoots down a Bangladeshi air force officer in order to complete his mission. The disclosure of the movie was given back in 2016. The role of Hardy has not been disclosed yet, all we know that he is a part of that iconic movie.
  2. War Party– the movie is suppose to be on the Navy Seals and their struggles they face while saving their country. Announced sometime in 2017, the plot, cast, crew and release date is yet unknown. Hardy’s role in the movie has still not been declared.
  3. Shackleton In the movie Tom Hardy will be starring as a polar explorer Ernest Shackleton in “Shackleton”. The movie is written by Peter Straughan. The name of the movie is decided but the cast, crew and the date of release has not been decided.
  4. Taboo (Season 2)- The season released by BBC television drama , Taboo has been renewed for the season 2. In the series Tom reprises the role of adventurer James Keziah Delaney in 1800s London. Announcements were made in 2017 about the making of Taboo 2. Hardy has been appreciated for performance and season ones generally favourable reviews, season two should be quite an interesting watch.
  5. Fonzo– Revolving around the super hero film “Fantastic Hero” directed by Josh Trank. Fonzo is biological movie of crime film chronicling life of the gangster Al Capone . This story will be based on a 47 year old adult suffering from dementia, sentenced into a ten year presence. The story and the cast of the movie is known but the release  date of the movie is unknown.



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