Anand Mahindra: If lockdown is extended for much longer the country may be risking economic hara-kiri


One of the leading industrialist Anand Mahindra on Monday told that if lockdown is extended for therefore for much longer duration then the country are going to be ‘risking economic hara-kiri’. The Mahindra Group chairman told that while the lockdown has been able to save lakhs of lives, its further extension could lead to severe difficulties for weaker sections of the future society.
As Mahindra said in a tweet – “The number of new cases has risen, despite flattening the previous few days. With higher testing, a unbroken rise is inevitable given the low absolute number of cases relative to our population & the remainder of the planet . We shouldn’t expect a swift flattening of the curve. But this doesn’t mean the lockdown hasn’t helped”.
Anand Mahindra also noted that – “India’s avoided lakhs of potential deaths in its collective fight. India’s death rate per million is currently 1.4 compared to the worldwide average at 35 & the US at 228. We’ve also bought time to reinforce medical infrastructure” .

He also tweeted that But if the lockdown is extended for much longer, the country will be risking economic hara-kiri. As the words given by him like – “A functioning & growing economy is like an immune system for livelihoods. A lockdown weakens that immune system and most hurts the impoverished in our society,” .
Anand  Mahindra told that the country’s goal should be to continue preventing avoidable deaths. The country have to rapidly build field hospitals equipped with oxygen lines and deploy widespread testing and tracing that he tweeted. He also added the focus should be on containment not through zones but at sub pin code levels.
And finally Mahindra tweeted that – “We have to live with the virus. It’s not here on a tourist visa with an expiry date,”.

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