Apex Legends Season 5: Pathfinder is nerfed in a Massive Way


Apex Legends Season 5 has finally arrived which is a celebration though. But, there is a bad news for Pathfinder fans. This legend has been hit with a massive nerf, which reduces the character’s main focus and some are saying that it has been completely removed from the game.

What is the actual matter?

Apex Legend’s pathfinder has a grappling hook ability which lets him to cover a long distance at a very short time. Previously it had a cooldown time of 15 seconds, but now, it has been increased to 35 seconds. Due to which, the fans are very much confused about the reason of this drastic change.

But, sometimes balanced changes are necessary for a game. Apex Legends But it is quite hard to swallow when a particular character has been nerfed.

Apex Legends

Pathfinder’s ability came into use while escaping a ring while in a fight with other players. This is one character that is available to all the players in the base game. But, still the pathfinder remains the incredibly versatile character. Apex Legends can be extremely powerful if in the right hands. Developers might have thought that was too powerful, so it is okay to reduce some powers to make a balanced game.

Even after increasing the cooldown period by 20 seconds, this doesn’t turn Pathfinder into a less deadly character. This character can still be used to a great extend if is played by a great gamer.  But, this somehow makes the character more difficult to play. As, if you have used it for once it makes you vulnerable for over a half minute.

Gamers are very much astonished by this change and some expect that this character will soon be pulled off. Well, if this happens the players will have to use Pathfinder with more care.

Apex Legends is playable on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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