BoJ on Monday appointed its first female executive director in 138 years


In the history of 138 years, sensing a record to be broken, Bank of Japan(BOJ) appoints first female as its executive director. Woman appointed as one of the top officials outside the policy board for the first time breaking a historical record.
Tokiko Shimizu started her four-year term as executive director of Bank of Japan on Monday. Along with it she would also keep her role as head of the Bank of Japan’s Nagoya branch.
It is probably another step forward for gender equality at BoJ. Still many institutions along with banks lag far behind global peers in promoting women. Only about 13% of the bank managers are women. So this initiative by bank has proven the values it upholds.

Tokiko Shimizu became the first female branch manager in 2010, as she was picked to handle the operations of relatively small Takamatsu branch. boj She was promoted in 2018 as the head of Nagoya branch where she overlooks and monitors one of biggest regional economies of Japan and is home to Toyota Motor Corporation and the center of countries automobile industry.
Newly appointed executive director claims that we need to be ready for the severe economic conditions. The 55 – year old banker has an experience of working with the bank for several years thus is well renowned with the policies and directions to get work done.
Moreover another personnel change which reflected was Uchida appointed as new executive in charge of monetary policy and financial markets along with overseeing international affairs. As formerly she has headed the bank’s policy department and played a key role in BoJ ’s unprecedented monetary ease under Governor Haruhiko Kuroda


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