Google’s Ex-CEO Eric quits after working in the company for 19-years


Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt who was a member of Alphabets board for over 18 years has finally resigned from the company. According to a CNET report, Google’s Ex-CEO, Eric Schmidt who joined Google as its second Chief Executive Officer back in 2001, quits the company in February 2020 after working for 19 years.

He initially helped the company in bringing ‘adult supervision’ but in 2011 he was stepped down. Later in his career, he took the position of the company’s Alphabet’s Executive Chairman, he took this role in 2017.

Schmidt had two technical assistants at the Google headquarters as he transitioned from the role of first Google’s and then Alphabet’s executive chairman to the company, all of whom have been reassigned since his resignation.

Eric Schmidt

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In recent times, Google’s Ex-CEO Eric has been working on a philanthropic initiative called Schmidt Future that “finds exceptional people and helps them do more for others together.”

Aside from this, he has been working in the Defense Innovation Board, responsible for bringing new technology to the Pentagon. He also chairs the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence, which advises the US Congress on the usage of artificial intelligence for defensse.


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