Greyhound Release Date, Cast and Plot Details and What to expect from it


Greyhound : Based on the master piece written by the most talented writers C.S Fosters called  “ The Good Shepherds” in the 1990’s. The movie is going to picturized around the amazing novel and will be featuring the most wanted hero Tom Hanks in the lead role. The movie was to release in June 2020. But due to the Corona Virus Pandemic the release date of the movie has shifted. for now the makers have not released any new release date but we expecting to hear something very soon. It is expected that the movie will release on 12 June 2020.

The cast of the movie is to mostly to resume their roles from the previous movie. Tom Hanks is bagging the lead role of commander Ernest Krause, Travis Przybylski as LTJG Dawson, Devin Druid as Wallace, Maximillion Osinski as Eagle, Karl Glusman, Grayson Russell, Rob Morgan . A lot of others new faces are to also nee seen in the movie as supporting actors.

The trailer of the movie has been released by the team. The trailer made a bang on the internet. The trailer of the movie is amazing and is full of amaze and wallop.


The movie is filmed around World War II where the main character which is played by Tom Hanks is on a mission “GREYHOUND”. The mission follows the scenario when the convoy of 37 Allied ships passes through a dangerous route of North Atlantic where they have to rescue them from the pursuit of a German U-boats group.

Tom hanks is IS Army officer who gets into the hands of the Nazis. After this, things start getting worse when Tom Hanks has to handle the situation as he can’t let Nazis get in England. The movie will also feature many significant historical moments of that period.

It is always fun and interesting to watch history movies but a movie like this can prove to be the movie of the millennium where an epic story will be collaborated with the favourite hero of all times. This movie can result in being a great blockbuster hit and win the hearts of the audience because its strong storyline and excellent cinematography.


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