Harvest Moon: One World coming to Switch later this year, All Info


Harvest Moon: One World has a world that will be explored by the players which is filled with various villages. Many challenges will fall in front of the player, but the player will have to face those challenges along with taking care of the farm. The locations that have been included in the game are the beach of Halo Halo and the snowy mountains of Salmiakki. In this world food, like tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage do not exist, but there is a guide which helps the player in their search of food.

The President and CEO of Natsume, Hiro Maekawa said:

“ One World features a brand-new way of exploring full moon that seasoned players and new generations will both enjoy. Over the decades, full moon has evolved but has always retained the normal , family-friendly farming fun that the franchise is understood for. The new engine and new graphics will upgrade this experience for 2020. We are so excited to share more about the features of Harvest Moon: One World within the coming months.”

Harvest Moon

The last version of Harvest Moon was  Light of Hope. The previous seasons were developed by Marvelous. When the two got apart Natsume kept the Harvest Moon brand. The Harvest Moon has lived on in the Story of Seasons game which has been taken by Marvelous. So the competition between One World and Story of Seasons is going to be fierce.

However, very less detail has been revealed about what should be expected from Harvest Moon now. But, Natsume will soon deliver a bit more information about the game in the upcoming months.


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