Square Enix will offer you a free branded mask if you spend more than $100


The online stores of Square Enix has offered the user a free branded mask if they spend more than $100 in their orders.

The fans of US were notified about this offer on 11th May 2020, by an email from the publisher of Final Fantasy.

“Boost your vitality +1,” customers were told. “Free** Square Enix members face mask with any physical order over $100!”


The Square Enix masks look like a simple black cloth with a monogram of Square Enix Members Logo. No further details were mentioned about its medical effects.

In many countries it has been made mandatory to wear masks in public to prevent the spreading of the Corona Virus.

The online shop of Square Enix sells hard copies of video games, merchandise and other mementos. The offer, however remains confined to the US.


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