SnowRunner Review: Bigger and Better than MudRunner?


It is said that if you love playing MudRunner then you will love SnowRunner definity. And if you didn’t like MudRunner then also you will like to play Snow Runner. The mechanics of the game are said to be way different except the mud.

SnoRrunner has contracts, tasks and many more than that will keep the players engaged. The camera settings are better in MudRunner. The quick snap-to front and trailer videos are not available in SnowRunner.

The mud looks better in SnowRunner and it is quite difficult to get out of the mug in this. However, this is a bug, the mud doesn’t stick to the tires. This is somehow quite unexpected as you go into the pond of mud and come out totally clean and shiny.


The Map is said to be way better than that of the MudRunner. This has a huge variety and memorable locations. The colors are awesome and the scenery is great whereas MudRunner has a grayish and depressing map.

The graphics of SnowRunner are way too better as compared to MudRunner on all the platforms. The interiors have an appealing look too.

The requirement of having fuel storage or trailers is no more needed. Multiple winches can now be chosen. You can use heavy winches to get out of the most difficult situations. The light winch is weaker, but can help you in flipping your vehicle when the engine is turned off.

There is no Cruise Control in SnowRunner as it was there in MudRunner. Also, some people do not like the manual controls of SnowRunner when comparing it to MudRunner. There is no choice for you except the automatic driving option. The Truck Engine audio is not satisfactory. There is a looping sound with infinite changes in gear. When you change from the exterior view to the interior, the engine sound just vanishes.

Overall, the game was loved by the fans more than MudRunner.


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