Trump has tweeted ‘ California should let Tesla and Elon Musk open plants


On Monday, Musk said the production was beginning at the automaker’s main US vehicle factory, ignoring the orders to stay closed and said if anyone has to be arrested, it should be him, Musk said in the tweet.
To which Trump urged that Tesla Inc should be permitted to reopen its electric vehicle assembly plant in California on Tuesday. Donald Trump tweeted in favour of Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk. His tweet said that California should let Tesla and Elon Musk open the plant now because it can be done fast and safely.
Tesla’s share price was up by 1.1% on Tuesday. Employee parking lots were packed with cars. Trucks were to be seen driving in and out of the factory. The surroundings were filled with the environment to re start again. The limited operations have begun and the battery plant in Nevada is planned for its reopening in full swing.

The company has undermined the norms as it was asked to delay operations by another week to normalise the rates and monitor the infection. But county officials stated that they were aware of the conditions at Tesla musk that is they had opened beyond the so called minimum basic operations which were allowed during lock down. All other factory outlets and branches are about to re open at its own safety measures and that too with the effect of it.
States and cities are experimenting around the US with various ways to reopen their economies safely after the outbreak shuttered businesses and left the people unemployed.
Tesla on Saturday released a plan to keep the workers returning to work safe which includes temperature screenings, separate work areas, social distancing norms and protective equipment for workers. As any one casualty will lead to company being in a crisis. Otherwise of what they were expecting and what actually happened has chances till the time this virus is literally gone.


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