Twitter says that its employees can work from home permanently


Twitter became the first company to operate work from home model due to COVID-19 and does not want to be the one to return to offices after this decision. CEO, Jack Dorsey wrote in a e-mail that the company will allow its employees to work from home forever.
During the past few months, company has realised that work from home can be an option permanently as it has its own perks and the company ensured of keeping the option of working from home open in any circumstances.
Twitter stated in a statement that those who want to get back to office will have to wait till September at least. The company’s devotion and encouragement towards the employees who are working from home is proved by the extreme decision. When the opening of offices is decided, it will be managed systematically and will be office by office gradually so there is no risk to the health care of employees.

As an ideal company Twitter has cancelled all its employee travel plans and all the personal events till 2021. It is also giving employees increased allowances to buy more of home office supplies.
There have been about 70000 cases of California since March 1 and about 3000 deaths. Of which 1974 deaths occurred in San Francisco, where twitter is based.
Of all the high-tech companies are extending their work from home instructions like Google and Facebook has announced till 2021. Amazon is likely to extend till early October.
Thus, this decision of the companies has changed the lifestyle of employees for a long period. Returning to office will create problem initially to get into the scheduled life.


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