Uncharted Release Date Plot, Cast, Trialer, What to expect ? and All Latest Updates


Uncharted : Since a lot of year the pro players of the game have been teased and taken for a toss by the rumours of the movie in making but now it seems like the gaming foremost explorer will finally make it to the big screens .

But again it is not sure if the movie will turn out a hit on the screen or miss the hearts of the people as such adaptations are quite different to make.

Ever since Uncharted game has released it has had the gamers drool over it . It provide highly cinematic game play and has achieved immense success in the field of gaming world.

Talking about the game Sony launched the game in 2008, not after a long time when the game got immensely popular on Play Station 3 and had a monopoly over the market. Soon after that Sony decided to make a movie on the game.  Five directors were attached to the project as well as a rotating door of cast members joining and leaving over the years.


In 2016 it was said that the movie was set in stone but unfortunately it did not happen. It was than anticipated the movie would release on December 18 but even that did not happen.

Just like the release date the cast of the movie has also not remained constant both Chris Pratt and Mark Wahlberg were previously reported as potential Drakes, although both dropped out. Uncharted And as much as the fandom were campaigning for Nathan Fillion to take on the leading role, it looks like Sony has found its Drake in Tom Holland, best known as the MCU’s Spider-Man.

There are rumours saying that the Breaking Bad actor Byrce will be join the cast of the movie soon.

The writers of the movie said that there have been major script changes and that no they feel that the movie is coming together. Uncharted  But after all the experiences that the audience has it is hard to believe any news until a final statement comes.

Not much has been revealed about the plot starring Holland as a younger Drake, showing us details of how he came to meet and befriend Sully. But if the movie is just like the game a lot thrill, drama and action can be worth the wait.


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