Animal Crossing: New Horizons Guide: How to make a Rock Garden


If you are interested in building up a rock garden, then following are the items that are required to build it:-

  • 6 fruits
  • A shovel
  • Terraforming unlocked
  • A simple design in your Custom Designs app that you can easily edit later.
  • A 7×5 grid area (or 7×9 if you want a fence in your garden) situated across two regions of the map.

This process of creating the rock garden is a small process that doesn’t require much cleaning. But this will leave you multiple mannequins all over the map of the island. This makes it quite difficult to navigate and sometimes disrupt the spawning of some items.

rock garden

Setting up the grid (rock garden)

  • First select a grid area of 7×5 or 7×9.
  • Fencing the area has one advantage, i.e., you will have to hit all the rocks for 8 times each without digging holes.
  • You have to select the area for the grid carefully without affecting the spawning area.
  • When you open up your map you might notice that the island is divided into grids. You can add only 4 rocks in any region on the map. Thus, you will have to set up your grid on the line that separated the two regions.
  • You can set the garden either along the vertical lines or horizontal.
  • Set up places where to fit the rocks.

Moving the rocks

  • Start moving the rocks while being at the track.
  • Here, your shovel and fruit will come into use.
  • Make your way around the island.
  • Find all the six rocks and destroy them. Make sure that you have all the supplies for that day because respawning of the rocks in your garden might take 6 days.
  • Alternatively, you can break one rock each day, which will give you time in collecting other items while waiting for other rocks to respawn on your garden.

Blocking future spawns of rocks.

  • The mannequin method is a better method as this requires less clean up.
  • So start setting up mannequins in order to prevent future spawns.


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