Disney’s Live Action Movie ‘Mulan’ is still planned to release this year in July


While were at home wondering what to watch through the summer holidays and quarantine. Disney has come up with its brand new movie Mulan which for sure to be a million dollar competition to all the movies. It all happened when people were pumped up for the movie and the lock down was announced, this gave all the theatre lovers and artists a major set back.

Mulan is a remake of the original movie and is based on the Chinese folklore where a woman disguises herself as a man to his place in the Chinese Army. The original movie had a black and white scale and moreover was musical on the other hand this movie is a live action persuading people to reimaging the Epic War story.


Disney has been criticized by some for remaking the stories in a form of live action for its strategy of expansion but that criticism has not affecting the popularity of the quality of Disney Movies. Astounding examples of it  are Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin all are block buster hits in  the industry , proving to be tales that can never be forgotten by one. One thing which has made Disney the epitome of movie studio in the world is the MCU Universe and its humongous success.

Speaking to CNBC, newly-appointed Disney CEO Bob Chapek confirmed the studio is still planning to release Mulan in July, saying “At Disney, we’re a bunch of optimists, and I think that’s a very good release date for this particular title.” At the same time, he agreed Disney’s theatrical releases are going to be “a stair step situation” and the studio will takes things one film at a time, similar to how they’re approaching the process of reopening their theme parks.

The release date of the movie is scheduled on 24 July this year. Even with the pandemic going around the world does not seem to effect the release date of the Disney movie. Disney has decided to slide the movie for 8 weeks in the cinema screens before releasing it anywhere else. Obviously everyone hopes that the situations get better and people will be able to enjoy the summer movie. But for now all we have to do is keep ourselves safe and sanitised, while we wait to see what Mulan has in store for us.


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