GTA 6 Release Date and Latest Update and Why Mafia’s reveal is a bad news for GTA


After years of invisibility, the Mafia Game Twitter account tweeted: “Family.” It is being rumored that GTA 6 is going to be the new Mafia game. However, it doesn’t exactly indicate towards the GTA 6, maybe some new work is going on at 2K Games.

It is quite unlikely that both the games will be released at the same time and under the same banner too. So, there is a possibility that GTA 6 fans might have to wait for a bit more time for the game to launch.

Mafia 3 came with a huge release on PS4, Xbox One and PC so the full sequel wouldn’t be that much shocking for the fans.

GTA 6, fans are counting on the days for its release and rumors taken place in the market. These rumors suggest that the games will be set in the 1970s or 1980s and might feature a single player. It has also been said that the site will be of Vice City and Rio de Janeiro.


There was a poll set up for GTA 6 which asked that how many favored the set-up of London?

There were total 3200 votes out of which 1500 were in London, 720 for Vice City, 372 in Tokyo and 336 for any other location.

No further details have been announced about the release date officially or anything about the game set. There are just rumors all over the place that are going on. Although, we should not completely rely on these sayings as some turn out to be true, whereas some turn out to be false. So, it would be better that we wait for further official announcements.


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