Tenet: Some Story details of the highly anticipated Movie revealed


Tenet movie: The highly anticipated movie which has held a loot in curiosity finally opens up to some information. The trailer of the one of the most awaited movie TENENT has finally arrived and a lot can be extracted from it. Until now Tenent was all hid under secrecy with its director being so aren’t in releasing any detail of the movie, he kept the plot of the movie under lock and key. Most people who leaned in the sets of the movie and could extract any information said that the movie’s plot revolved somewhere round a catastrophic event like  the World War III and that there is a time travelling agent . The trailer released with the mega highlighting of the cast of John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, Kenneth Branagh, and Caine.

However the main question right now is not the plot of the movie but the release date of the movie. The plot details are right in the title: The Secrets of Tenet: Inside Christopher Nolan’s Quantum Cold War. This does not describe anything but the plot as being adventurous.


Tenet as, “a film guaranteed to linger in the imagination long into the future . . . and perhaps the past.” This talks about the time travelling element of t he movie.

After all the hints it looks like the characters in the movie want to avoid or win a war and for that they travel back in time and fight the war again and the come back to their present lives to change the future of the citizens.

The Tenet trailer starts as it means to go on, impressing the eyes and confounding the mind with impossible visuals.

After the release of the first trailer people have been looking forward for the release of the second trailer but it seems like the Warner Brothers have been waiting for the confirmation of the movie to release in July only after which they want to release the trailer. A debate has been going on the release date and he Warner Brother are to come to a decision soon as to delay the movie or release it on time.

The movie was initially to be released on July 14, 2020.


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