New Dune Movie Image revealed, Josh Brolin and Timothee Chalamet action scene ShownNew Dune Movie Image revealed, Josh Brolin and Timothee Chalamet action scene Shown


The newest Dune movie made a bang on the internet by revealing Josh Brlin and Timothee Chalamet’s action scene. Dune is considered as the greatest novel in the history of sci-fi literature. But the movie made by David Lynch is however not considered so iconic in the sci-fi movie history.

Almost forty years later Lynch pulled Herbert’s fans far vision to life when he decided to make his version of the movie Dune with the help of filmmaker Denis Villeneuve. Unlike Lynch Denis has a luxurious way of working. He has divided the story into two films and will be focusing on every details of the movie which Lynch was forced to leave because of the time lag.

The image that has been released is from Empire and shows the huge scale on which the movie is being made and worth the cost.Dune  Brolin and Chalamet are featured in the picture, which sees their characters Gurney Halleck and Paul Atreides involved in an action scene.


The first few pictures that were released it depicted the entire cast in a more poised positions that the viewers could get a jest of the characters but the new photo is much more dynamic. In the image, the characters of Gurney and Paul are both decked out in their Fremen still suits, which allow them to survive in the arid wastes of Arrakis.

It is obvious that the dessert of Arrakis to have small insects and worn underneath the surface the initial movie did not show any of these aspects but the audience patience is to test. The sandworms under the sun dunes have always existed in real life but were never shown in the movie but the new movie is expected to showcase all these small details which carry greater importance.

So far the movie has been a turnover and intriguing for the audience thought there have naturally been some complains to it as well with some flaxes complaining the movie to resemble Star Wars . Which is obvious because any movie which is shot in the desert automatically reminds us of the Star Wars but that doesn’t mean all movie shot in the desert are Star Wars. But one thing the director of the movie is sure about is that Dune is going to satisfy the novel fans rather make them happy.


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