Nirav Modi threatens to kill in video played in UK court


In a video submitted by the CBI to the UK court, a bunch of ‘dummy directors’ of the various companies Nirav Modi, escaped diamantaire had a stake in, have confessed that they were being threatened by him.
The case was in relation to the fraud and money laundering against the diamond merchant. He was involved in escaping country after looting bank’s money in illegal means.
A group of six Indian men whose companies were linked to Nirav Modi can be heard in the video played at Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London during the trial this week, with each of them making allegations of being forced to leave Dubai and come to Cairo, Egypt, where their passports were confiscated and were allegedly made to sign fake documents against their will by Modi’s brother, Nehal Modi.

Nirav Modi
The statements of people were taken and said that they fear their safety and just wants to go back to India but they are not able to as their passports are confiscated and will not return until they sign the agreement to come to Egypt.
Due to abundance of Letters of Undertakings without charging the required commission over transactions led to fraud of over $2 billion.
A ruling in the extradition hearing to establish whether Modi has a case to answer in the Indian courts and that there are no human right barriers to him being handed over to India is expected only after the second hearing in the case in September.


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