Pinocchio, When is the Movie releasing ?, Cast, Plot and and Other Details


Pinocchio : Children have always learned more from their bed time’s stories and fairytales than they have from reciprocating anyone. The next movie adapted from our very own favourite fairytale .

However the interesting thing about the movie is its makers and producers. The movie will be written by Toro, Patrick McHale, and Matthew Robbins and will be directed by Toro and Robbins. After these supremely talented people working together the movie is surely going to make it t the Academy Awards.

The movie can be seen on Netflix anytime in the year 2021. Though the release date of the movie is not official but is scheduled sometime next year.

We have always read the Pinocchio’s story the old way style, when Toto was asked about his version of the story he said-

In our story, Pinocchio is an innocent soul with an uncaring father who gets lost in a world he cannot comprehend. He embarks on an extraordinary journey that leaves him with a deep understanding of his father and the real world; I’ve wanted to make this movie for as long as I can remember.”


He also mentioned that the plot is going to slightly different from the old tragic one but different in a good sense.

Another thing which is bound to attract audience is the voice cast of the movie. The movie is filled with the voices of notable casts . Ewan McGregor as Pinocchio around who the movie is weaved.

Other than that, the other stars that are involved are Ron Perlman as Mangiafuoco, Tilda Swinton as The Fairy with Turquoise Hair, and David Bradley as Mister Geppetto. Christoph Waltz is also a part of the movie although ic shacarter has not been disclosed yet.

As of now there has been no confirmation on the release date of the movie. The trailer of the movie is also released but it is expected to release somewhere in the end of 2020 which will be some months before the movie which shall educate us more about  the movie and the change in the plot.

Even though the production of the movie Pinocchio has begun but the production has come to a halt due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 Pandemic. So there could be a probability of the delay in the release of the movie. Netflix has confirmed that they are to bring the movie in the next 6 months after the pandemic is over so we can expect it by early 2021.


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