Sanofi says first potential COVID-19 medicines to be available for Americans and Europeans


Sanofi : As many scientists have researched over the vaccine of coronavirus. More than 90 vaccines are in process globally with eight in its clinical phase. But there is no certainty to any of the vaccine and it could take years to happen. There is still no vaccine for HIV despite all the research.
Sanofi is a French multination pharmaceutical company which is established in Paris with a motto of powering life. The company developed the vaccine to which the CEO said that Americans are likely to be first in line to which France said that the world’s nation will have equal access to any vaccine developed by any part of the world. As the French Prime Minister said that a vaccine against COVID-19 should be a public good for the world. As each country has suffered equally thus access to it has to be non-negotiable.

Sanofi ’s CEO Paul Hudson stated that the US Government has the largest pre order because virus has already killed over 300000 people and has invested in taking the risk. The company also has strong coordination with Europe and financial support from US and claimed that the vaccine will be available to all in any case. It will reach all regions of the world at the same time.
Trump, who will face re-election in November is scared of his position and wants to open the economy as soon as possible despite of world’s highest death toll over the virus. He believes that there will be vaccine at the end of the year for the virus.
We have organised several manufacturing units some of them are in US and higher number in Europe and France. The company is operating under 73 industrial locations in 32 countries. There is no such confirmation about the vaccine still.
CEO have been altered and vaccine is declared as common good to people. On the other hand, US says we have helped in manufacturing the doses at risk we expect to get the doses first and expanded the company partnership in February.


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