Trials of Mana: Here’s new Nude mod for the Game


Here is a new nude mod on the Trials of Mana. But, it doesn’t work on Chalotte’s clothes.

The Trials of Mana is the third game of the Mana franchise. This was released in the excitement of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

If you are a fan of the series and remember playing the original game, then you are definitely going to love this remake. A PC version of the Trials of Mana has been developed while sneaking out of the PS4 and Nintendo Switch versions.

Trials of Mana

The PC version has one great advantage over the PS4 and Switch versions, i.e., we can run mods in the PC version. And now,  there is a nude mod out for the game. The PS4 and Switch versions don not supports mods this is what makes the PC versions much cooler and exciting.

Trials of Mana The mod lets you remove the clothing of both Angela and Riesz. However, this doesn’t let you remove the cloths of Charlotte.

However, there is a thread on LoversLab that says they are constantly working on this problem.


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