Project IGI Origin, When will it Release, Gameplay, Story and All Details


Project IGI is a first-person tactical shooter game which was designed by Innerloop Studios. The first one, Project IGI : I am Going In of the series was launched in December, 2000 by Eidos Interactive. The game received a mixed reaction from the fans. The second one was project IGI 2: Cover Strike.

Project IGI. Origin will be the third release of the series. The game will be launched on Steam too. The developer of the game is Antimatter Games and the publisher is Toadman Interactive.

When will we be able to play the game ?

The first game of the series was released in 2000 and the second one was released in 2003. Now, after such a long interval we are going to experience the series again. Many players have been upset with this.

Project IGI

The publisher assured about the release of the IGI. Origin in the year 2019. So, very soon the game will be available for us.

What is the story behind the series(Project IGI)?

The plot revolves around the main character and the hero of the game i.e., David Jones. He enters the base of Jach Priboi. His main purpose was to capture him. The assistant of David Jones is Anya. John and Anya try to get some answers related to the Head of War.

The story behind this game depends on the outbreak of World War III. However, Jones and Anya managed to rescue at the end. All these events happen in a mountainous region. David heads to the Carpathian Mountains on a crucial Russian mafia. Project IGI He has two supporters: Philip White and Anya. David has to locate the remaining E.M.P. chips.

As suggested by Anya, David heads to Wu Xing’s mysterious lab of weapons in order to discover the Ekranoplan. There, he comes across the General to start a “World War III”. Jones explodes the rocket after a fit in a safe place.

Now, the remaining story will be continued by the Origin. So, we have to wait to see that what it delivers to us further.


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