Batman Vs Superman New concept art reveals Bruce Wayne’s early looks


Batman Vs Superman : When Christian Bale started his journey as Batman it became so hit, the Warner Bros did not take long to announce the new version of Caped Cruiser in 2014 but with a change we got the first look of Affleck in the Batsuit. There was additional pressure to do well as he followed Christian Bale’s well-liked iteration from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy.

Batman Vs Superman maybe of different interests all together but Affleck proved to be worthy of the character and that he could play the role of a much mature, hard and strong character than her had ever played. The character is a unique adaptation of Batman which has never been seen before. But unfortunately he was sent early and audience could only see him twice in DCEU . He was last seen in the Justice League.

Given all of that information and to give the viewers a insight of the characters look the concept artist of the movie Jerad S. Marantz shared some pictures from the Batman Vs Superman featuring Bruce Waynes new look in the movie. There are two sets of clothes that he is wearing . One is a much formal look and the other is a casual look.

Batman Vs Superman

InĀ  the pictures Bruce is seen wearing vests which make him appear a lot older than his age and also follows the style of looking simply classic with fine lines which do not look so modern. Aside from the character’s day wear, there has been a string of concept art revealed for the character’s Batman suit, but unlike this new reveal, most of those weren’t ultimately used in any of the movies. These pictures are shown as an intricate and precious piece. The amount of hard work gone into making of the look can clearly been seen.

With Affleck showcasing his talent in the super movie Batman Vs Superman : Dawn Of Justice viewers also seem keen to look at Robert Pattison making his debut in the Movie The Batman made by Matt Reeves. The movie which is now to be done by Robert was earlier given to Affleck but the makers decided that they needed a much younger version of Bruce so they opted for Robert.

It is still not clear if the movie Batman Vs Superman will have any connection to the solo Batman movie. Many are disappointed that Affleck didn’t get to play the part more considering that he was pretty good in it.


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