Battlefield 6: Most relevant Time Periods and Settings in the Game


The Battlefield the recent release by the franchise will be ending its support in June with the confirmation of the release of Battlefield 6. Both Call of Duty and Battlefield have chosen the World War 2 as a return to the franchise’s roots.

Call of Duty seems to shift back to modern and futuristic battlefields. Either first person shooter of EA will be followed or the franchise will develop something of its own.

This raises a question that at what time period will we confront the BF 6 then?  The sequel might return to a contemporary warfare. Or the franchise would pull another Battlefield 1 and pick a time period in the war.

Modern setting

It is most likely that battlefield 6 will have a modern setting. The craze of WW II almost ended in the 2018 and Battlefield 5 faced it so it seems that the franchise will adopt something new this time. Bad Company and BF 3 or 4 were based on modern combat and both these games proved ton to be popular games of the Battlefield franchise.



There is a place that the franchise has touched very shortly i.e., Vietnam. This would be perfect for BF because the combat that happened in Vietnam proved to be one of the best of the franchise.

Set during the Vietnam War might end up being very interesting and there will be various distinct perspectives from the player’s view. There is a wide range to be covered in the Vietnam War.

Something totally new

Well, the BF franchise can definitely surprise the fans with something completely new.

In the end, something really exciting will come to us.

The development of Battlefield 6 is ongoing for the release in 2021.


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