Fable 4: What changes should it make for Xbox Series X


There have been rumors that Fable 4 will come soon for Xbox Series X. Well, if it does so, then some changes need to be made before the release.

Fable 3 was released in the year of 2010. The franchise has received good reviews from the fans too. It is one of the biggest IPs of Microsoft. You can also call it a console seller too. Xbox Series X will come with a ton of exclusive games. They have done it because PS4 overtook the Xbox One. In order to establish their rule against the upcoming PS5 they came up with the exclusive games which they lacked before.

The game changers will be the new IP, new exclusives and something more in the game department.  Fable 4 seems the one who will help the Xbox Series X to give a tough competition to PlayStation.


The Story behind Fable

The story of Fable has always revolved around the heroes. But these heroes are of an ever-changing world. The first game of the series was a simple tale of the hero. The game was filled with fantasies. Fable 2 introduced Steampunk elements in the game with some firearms. Fable 3 carried this further and gave the players a role-play of a rebel-turned-king-tyrant/benevolent ruler.

It has always come up with huge changes with each release of the games. But even after these drastic changes they were well received by the fans because of their well woven art. But, there were some who disliked these huge alterations. The only thing that was constant throughout all the games was the sister of the hero Theresa. She was a sting that kept everything tied altogether and made the world of Albion seem like changing, growing world. However, Theresa dies in a later novel and now that the main key is dead, therefore, needs a reboot.

Fable 4: Reboot

Fable can take the players into the early times of Albion with a new character for the hero. This tactic can draw the attentions of many old players of Fable. A new guide or support like Theresa can be introduced in which will make the players not miss Theresa. If the rumors of the development of Fable 4 turn out to be true, then it will create a lot of hype among the fans.

TO NOTE: The development of Fable 4 is just a rumor. There have been no official annaouncement related to it.


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