Mandalorian Season 2 and 3 Original Star Wars VFX Producer


Earlier, The Mandalorian looked like it would merely focus on Mando’s adventures across the galaxy, but the end of the first episode revealed the true heart of the series: The Child, or, as the internet as dubbed him, Baby Yoda. The young baby from Yoda’s mysterious species was initially the Mandalorian’s target. Although as soon as he became his ward as the Mandalorian sought to protect him. No one can dare to harm Baby Yoda. The second season starts with Mandalorian searching for a proper home for Baby Yoda. Troubles and problems will come along the way! Its gooing to be one hell of an adventure.

What is The Big Announcement (Mandalorian )?

The Mandalorian season 2 is still several months away, but now fans know about the newest addition to the show’s creative team. Tippett, who worked on the special effects for the original Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back, has been recruited for the next two seasons of The Mandalorian. Star Wars fans know he created the holochess scene for the first film, so it’s a thrill to have him back on board.

During an interview with MinnMaxShow, Tippett revealed his involvement by saying, ” [Jon] Favreau’s reached out to me, we’re gonna be doing some stuff for the second season of Mandalorian, and then they wanna do something for the third season once things adjust back to whatever they’re gonna adjust back to.”


Also we got an insight to season 3, during the interview. The Mandalorian‘s third season hasn’t been announced by Disney, but it is in development. Although as we know a lot of shows and movies got delayed this year. Yet, we have a good news for fans! The season 2 will come on Disney+ this October. Since production of the show was already completed.

Season 2 of The Mandalorian already features a lot of surprises for fans, from the possible arrival of Ahsoka Tano  and a Boba Fett ( appearance. It sounds like it’ll be delving more into the broader Star Wars universe, though hopefully it won’t stray too far from the Mandalorian’s adventures with Baby Yoda. Expectations are high for The Mandalorian season 2 (and 3), and it’s only a matter of time until fans can see it.

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