Mass Effect 5 to be out of the Galaxies, Milky Way and Andromeda


It seems that the development of Mass effect 5 is in progress. However, the reports say that Mass Effect 5 is now out of the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies, but the question arises that where will they occur then?

The most likely thing would be if Mass Effect Andromeda is continued because they many strings in it that are left unresolved. Some guesses are that the next sequel will try to bring Andromeda to life while concentrating and redeeming one of the Bio-Ware’s low rated games. The next guess is that it might return to the Milky Way somehow. After all, a sequel without these galaxies is quite difficult to imagine. The third possibility is that Andromeda will be a standalone and to seek for a brand new galaxy using the Pathfinder.

mass effect

However, Bio Ware obviously has some more ideas than these.mass effect But waiting for the next sequel is going to be really too hard. Introducing some new galaxy may receive some good as well as bad reviews.

If a new galaxy is introduced, the events that have occurred in the Milky Way and Andromeda cannot be forgotten totally. But the new galaxy will definitely come up with some features, way of playing and many more.

According to the reports Mass Effect 5 is currently under development.


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