Purge 5 Release Date is delayed, Plot, Cast and All Latest Updates


Purge 5 : Crime is going to be free again for the next 12 hours in the world of Blumhouse. It is often said that every individual has two sides one which is positive and the other is the dark or the negative side but thankfully everyone keeps their dark side under a check. But in the world of Purge heinous crimes are committed with legal assurances. The show tends to highlight the “what if” possibility of what might happen in the society when anyone trying to keep darker urges at baby was all of a sudden encouraged to “release the beast.”

The concept of The Purge is a relatively different one, one than cannot even be thought of and could also not happen in real life. But such a concept is also not possible in real life. The concept has served 4 successful movies and seems to be ready for the fifth one. The success of the movie has been so humongous that it has lead to the making of a TV series out of it.

The franchise creator of the show said that this Purge 5 could be the last movie of the Purge Saga for good. Although he mentioned that although that could well turn out to be as true as Friday the 13th Part 4 being subtitled The Final Chapter.


Back in 2018 when the creators were promoting the series of Purge they said that they had the Fifth season of the show was in their mind however the script wasn’t ready by then. He intended to conclude the franchise but the delay seems to be real in this case. Last year the fifth season of Purge was titled as The Forever Purge and was assigned the release date as 10 July 2020.

But after the corona virus outbreak nothing can be said about the release of the last season of the Purge.

The cast from the previous season is to resume their roles with Tenoch Huerta as the male lead, and actress Leven Rambin as the  female lead. Ana De La Reguera has also secured an unknown role in the series.

As far as the plot is concerned it s completely unknown and one can just guess. But some sources reveal that the cast will leave urban households and shoot in local ones for the season.


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