Spiderman’s Web shooters become Hand Sanitizers


Web shooters have become hand sanitizers specially designed to help battle corona virus. Since the beginning of this year the world health organization declared Corona Virus as a pandemic since then the world scenario has changed. All sort of trade has come to a halt. People have been stuck in their home commenced with social distancing and keeping themselves clean. The most essential thing that can be done to fight this virus is washing our hands clean and keeping them clean. The lockdown has resulted in the halt of all the movies and series production and has stopped the produced to release due to the shut of theatres. This has given the entertainment industry a huge hit and set back. Companies like Disney raising $11 billion in new debt to deal with the financial repercussions of the outbreak, and countless Hollywood releases being delayed due to theatre and production shutdowns.

One of the most significant delays that have been seen is that of the Spiderman: Homecoming 3. The movie was scheduled to release in July 2021 which has now been shifted to November 2021.Even thought people and governments are doing a lot to bring things back to normal, sanitizers situations are still going to take time and for some time the concern about catching the virus is going to remain high. Among all of this characters are something which has proved to be a role model for a lot of people. Following the same process pattern Spider mans web shooters have been an inspiration for people to keep their hands clean.


Inventions, Gadgets and Gizmos uploaded a video on social media that had a video of their latest product called the PumPix, which is described as “a slick wristband” that enables people to push a sliding button and spray hand sanitizer into their palms or at other surfaces with ease. It also gave the details like the band could give out 100 pumps after the first fill and the sanitizer could be refilled once it was over.

The fact that people are attracted it to is , is not just that its handy but resembles Spiderman’s Web shooters. The product is currently under the stage of trying to raise enough funding to develop PumPix’s.  The video also mentions that there has been no vaccine or treatment for the Corona Virus therefore the hand style sanitizers are neat product for trying to prevent the spread of Corona Virus.


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