India will export $1Billion worth of non-medical/surgical Masks


The Indian government on Saturday allowed the exports of non-medical and non-surgical masks worth USD 1 billion in the next three months.

These masks are of all types, like cotton, wool, knitted, and silk but retained the prohibition on all other types of masks such as N-95 and surgical masks.

The directorate general of foreign trade (DGFT) has amended an earlier order to allow the export of non-medical/non-surgical masks of all types (cotton, silk, wool, knitted).

Earlier in the month of March, the government had banned the export of surgical/disposable mask of all types (cotton, silk, wool, knitted) in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak in India.


Moreover, on May 6 there was a report of customs authorities not permitting the export of knitted cloth masks under the apparel and clothing accessories tariff code. As every traded product is classified under an HSN code and all mask are under the same HSN code.

Meanwhile, apparel exporters were demanding ease in the export ban on wool, cotton, silk, and knitted mask.

The Tiruppur Exporters’ Association has claimed that if the government decides to give one mask each to our entire population of 130 crore people, the Tiruppur cluster alone could manufacture it for the entire quantity in less than a month.

As per the Apparel Export Promotion Council (AEPC), this step will ensure the production of masks of all types (cotton, silk, wool, knitted) in the country. Thus, adding some element to the country’s economy.



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