Elite Season 4 : Release Date, Cast , Plot, Trailer and Everything you need to know


Elite Season 4 : After nearly two months of quarantining at home all of us are out of content to watch. This quarantine has made is transport through all the series ad show we didn’t have time to watch during our normal schedule days. Like all of you I have the same issues of not finding quality to watch.It was then that I came across this extravagant show,  a Spanish teen thriller web series drama created for Netflix.  The show is called ELITE. The series is set in Las Encinas , a fictional elite secondary school and revolves around the relationships of three working class teenage students who get into the school through scholarships and the relations their with their wealthy and mostly arrogant classmates.

The show is well known to keep its viewers on toes till the last second of the episode. While the season has just wrapped for the third season. The fans have already started demanding for thr fourth season.


The show not only shows the theme of teenage drama but also around other sides of clichés and diverse to many sexual themes. The structure of the show also has a mystery element with each season taking place in the two season timelines.

There are a lot of other  themes that revolve around the story which include lust, love, hate and betrayal.

There has been no update on the cast that will be appearing in the Elite season 4 of the show. It is expected that the cast from the previous season will reprise their roles from the series. One cannot assure if the murder mystery will solve in the season or the audience will have to witness more murders in the series. The names which are expected to be seen in the new season include Miguel Herrán as Christian, Jaime Lorente Lopez as Nano, Miguel Bernardeau as Guzmán, Danna Paola as Lu, Itzan Escamilla as Samuel, Mina El Hammani as Nadia, Ester Expósito as Carla.

The story of Elite season 4 will have the similar plot of with that of season 3 but with more twists and turn.

The season was the release in November 2020 but due to the wide spread effect of the corona virus the release date of the show has been delayed but to which extent is not clear. It is now expected to release in the year 2021 but there has been no official update on the same.


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