Stranger Things Season 4: Netflix series postponed to a 2021 release?


Stranger Things season 4 is something fans are eagerly in await of. However, with the Coronavirus impacting Hollywood, it seems like we will have to wait for the new season a little longer than expected.

The million-dollar question this summer is: When will Stranger Things season 4 release on Netflix? Before the Coronavirus lockdown impacted the entertainment industry, the Duffer Brothers teased the arrival of the new season in 2020. The creators took to Twitter to announce that the new season will drop this year. To top it off, they also released a teaser video hinting at Jim Hopper’s fate on the series. However, as the COVID-19 outbreak has shut the Hollywood shop, it seems like the scheduled release date will be delayed.

When Can We Expect The Next Season of Stranger Things?

Fans are mentally preparing themselves to embrace the news of the possible delay of the release. The speculations of a possible 2021 release have begun circulating on social media. As Stranger Things’ director and executive producer Shawn Levy commented that the production is now at a pause.

Stranger Things

“I was having phone calls with Netflix while directing takes and blocking scenes. We shared the news with our cast and crew that we would be pausing production out of an abundance of caution. There were no sick crew members, no one was exhibiting symptoms, but it seemed like the right thing to do,” he said. Given that the production is on halt, it is safe to say that a few episodes are yet to be filmed. With the season incomplete, Stranger Things 4 might not release this year.

As the Novel Coronavirus has laid its wrath on the world. Alost all the industries including Bollywood and Hollywood had to shut shops. This has, in turn, resulted in the postponing of dates. Now if the grapevine is to go by, the situation has also affected the masses favourite Netflix’s show Stranger Things’ season 4. The next season might get pushed to 2021 and below is all you need to know.

Since the showrunners Duffer Brothers, teased fans by the end of season 3 about the fourth season, they have been waiting for it curiously. But now if the reports are to go by, the pandemic has led to a halt in production of the new season of Stranger Things and this might lead to a delay.

The Season 4 teaser has already made its way. Now with the halt and no resume date in sight, the delay may be sure to happen. We are waiting for any official confirmation on the same.

We will update you soon. Stay Tuned.


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