Strike The Blood Season 4 What Is Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer? And What’s New Update?


Good news for all time Anime lovers that STRIKE THE BLOOD is coming back on their screens with another incredible episodes. The series is based on the light hearted novel by Gakuto Mikumo with illustrations by Miyako. The novel does not only have its adaptations in the form of the series but also in the form of many animated videos which have gone humongously viral.

The series is directed by Takao Sano and Hideyo Yamamoto. The characters for the anime are designed by Keiichi Sano.

Talking about the history of the series. It started first in 2013 with 24 episodes in total. The series got such a huge fan following and was loved by all after which season two was released in2106 with8 episodes. The season was again a huge success and finally season 3 came out with 10 episodes in the year 2108.

STRIKE THE BLOOD : After all this the makers thought of renewing the series for another series. Following the pattern it seems that the next season is to come out in the Spring of 2020. But with all the corona virus lockdown going around one cannot really be sure as to when the release is to release.

It is said that this season will he having 12 episodes in total.


The story of the series revolves around a handsome high school boy called Kojou Akatsuki.

The last season was left on cliff hanging situation with the attack on the Kingdom of Sardinia. The coming season have Kojou investigating as to who did it and why??

The season is also expected to have a romantic friendship being evolved between Kojou and Yukina.

The trailer of the same is out but not much has been revealed in it. STRIKE THE BLOOD This has lead to the people assuming a lot the plot of the series and a lot of stories have been circulating in the market but nothing can be said as of now.

Even though the series is releasing after quite sometime after the release of the third season the enthusiasm and curiosity in people just doesn’t end. After all this the show is bound to deliver its best till now. So all we have to do is wait for 12 episodes for 12 weeks.


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