Facebook brings new shopping features in their apps


Facebook is testing two new shopping ad sections in its traditional app. Both of the options are aimed at streamlining the path to purchase, keeping users in-app instead of them switching to other apps.

Both of these new options will be tested over the coming weeks with a small subset of advertisers, so they won’t be widely available initially.

Facebook is testing a new Dynamic Ad ad option enabling users to order an advertised item direct from the News Feed ad itself. This option is designed to automatically show the right products to people who have expressed interest on your website, in your app, or elsewhere on the Internet by utilizing your uploaded product catalog and taking cues from user behavior.

For online shopping, the users need to have a payment option attached to their Facebook account, which, given Facebook’s more recent privacy issues, may not be an ideal option for some.


Further online shopping process remains the same, after selecting the product, you can tap on the ‘Place Order’ button, and you’ll get a confirmation note sent to you via Facebook.

Facebook is following the same trend as other e-commerce sites are doing but Facebook’s data privacy track record may discourage users from add-in payment information. And there Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency can come into the picture. However, the discussion around Libra seems to have died down after various regulatory groups raised significant concerns. It will take some time for Facebook to completely organize its app.

Moreover, the business option on Facebook will only be available to a limited number of businesses at its initial stage.

Also, Facebook is testing out the capacity for brands to turn their Instagram Shopping ads into paid promotions.

The expanded option will keep the users on Facebook, while also facilitating quick purchases via targeted ads – a win-win for both Facebook and the relative brands.


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