A Rumour says Xbox Series X is going through Production


It seems that the Xbox Series X is finally under production, keeping aside the fear of the Covid-19 pandemic delays which has been preventing the games to lay their hands on the new next-gen console before 2020 is finally over.

Microsoft has been working on the release of the console in the same “Holiday 2020” as it has promised before.

Now, as it seems that the things have started moving according to the schedule, minimizing the impacts of further lockdowns and amending the problems that were faced during the launch of Xbox One. And preparing this one to be better than what happen in 2013 during the release of Xbox One.

As it was claimed by XboxEra that they have a leaked portion of an interview between the French outlet Xboxygen and Xbox France director Ina Gilbert. In the clip of the interview, it is asked to Gilbert about the ongoing production of the Xbox Series X whether it’s in the factories or not, Gilbert responds casually that “It’s a lot of work to launch consoles like that.” “There’s a lot of work to do,” describing that the production is necessary to begin in order to fulfil the demand by the end of 2020 for the Holiday launch.

 Xbox Series

She further also explains that France is now one of the priority countries of Xbox for the launch of Xbox series x. She adds that the current plan is to have the units for launch but also admits that some things are getting out of control for Xbox.

“Today I am not seeing any risk for France, under any circumstances. But if tomorrow, or a few days before the launch, there will be a huge containment in the world… then we will not be able to do much about it,” told by Gilbert. She also says that the Xbox Series X is perfectly on track and will remain on track for the launch as per the plan, i.e., Holiday 2020 (at least in France).

However, a second wave of the pandemic of Covid-19 is still possible, which can make the whole plan to get out of the track. Well, this is something totally unpredictable and Xbox is trying its best in order to not make the things get delayed due to further lockdowns. The closer we get to Holiday 2020 without any rise in waves of Covid-19 the launch of the Xbox series X will be smoother.


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