Arrow and the Canaries, Arrow Spinoff could still happen at CW


Green Arrow & the Canaries, the female-centric Arrow spinoff, still has a bright chance of happening on The CW according to network president Mark Pedowitz. So fans of DC we have some great news coming for you!

Arrow’s final spinoff Green Arrow and the Canaries is still a possibility to join The CW’s line-up for next season. The eighth and final season of the Stephen Amell-led drama now has  several tasks to accomplish. Just right when Green Arrow went on his last mission to save the Multiverse. 

So are you excited to know whats coming?

The backdoor pilot was planted as the penultimate episode of Arrow following the massive 5-part crossover that rebooted the Arrowverse. Despite solid ratings and a good setup for what Green Arrow and the Canaries could be, viewers have had to wait longer than expected to find out if it would go to series. Superman & Lois was, however, fast-tracked as it got an early straight-to-series order in January. 


 CW has announced new schedule that will delay all their shows till 2021. Mark Pedowitz spoke with to press to provide updates on other pilots and network plans for the new season. While talking about the Arrow offshoot as well as The 100 prequel spinoff, Pedowitz hints that he and Warner Bros. are looking at a particular strategy that will ideally allow the shows to happen.

Fans Wait For This (Canaries):

“They are very much in active discussions to see what we can do. I’ve had many discussions with Warner Bros, we have a strategy involved, hopefully we can pull it off,”

Since the network already has 6 DC shows for next season, it’s possible that Green Arrow and the Canaries, if ordered to series, won’t join The CW until the 2021-2022 slate. 

Given the story taking place in the future, Legends of Tomorrow would be the ideal series for the heroines to show up. Since there was a lot of setup in Arrow’s final season, from giving Mia the mantle as well as position Laurel and Dinah as the Canaries. They cancelled the spinoff without some form of conclusion is highly unlikely. As the year progresses. The CW will hopefully reveal their plans for Green Arrow and Canaries and whether or not the Arrow characters get to continue being actively part of the Arrowverse.


We will bring you more updates shortly! Stay Tuned.


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