PlayStation Plus and PlayStation now gains new subscriber record


PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now, Sony’s marquee digital games subscription services have gained new subscriber record. In a recent investor presentation, Sony reveals that 2.7 million subscribers have been gained by the company this quarter. Therefore, it has reached 41.5 million subscribers in total as of the record on 31st March.

Sony also said that this gain in subscribers will help the company growing and expand the engagement to keep going up as Sony will be releasing the next console PlayStation 5 generation. The PS Now subscribers have reached 2.2 million for the end of April 2020.

The PS Plus and PS Now have been proved to be beneficial for those users who were getting bored in the quarantine staying at home during the global pandemic of COVID-19. Sony said, “At a time when people are voluntarily not going outside, demand for digital entertainment such as games is increasing globally. In this environment, PlayStation users have increased significantly.”


Sony adds that due to the price drop of PlayStation Now and titles like Marvel’s Spider Man has helped the company in gaining such massive amount of new users.

Some have compared between Xbox Pass and PlayStation Now, but this cannot be considered to be a proper comparison because Xbox gives download only games, whereas PlayStation supports streaming for the most of the time and download in few cases.

PlayStation 5 will be released later this year as announced by Sony. The company has still not disclosed about the design of the console, neither revealed about the games that will be available on this console, but we can expect to hear about all these things in the upcoming months.



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