Taboo 2 New Update About It’s Releasing And How Did Previous Season End


Taboo 2 is one series which was released back in 2017 that was directed by Kristoffer Nyholm Anders Engstrom.

The story in the series is set back in 1814, when James Delaney who returns to England after spending 12 years in Africa. When he return he carries 14 stolen precious diamonds with him , on the other side the death of his beloved father is near and the war in America is about to end.  The series shows the dark side of London in the 19th century among them the political and business corruption, the gangs, the misery of the working class, the increase of wealth of the rich, etc.

There has been no update as to when the second Taboo season 2 is to release it is estimated that the shooting of the show has begun but in case it had started also it must have come to a halt due to the corona virus lockdown. In such a situation one can’t really guess the release date of any show or series. The shooting was initially to begun in 2018 but the writer of the show announced that he hadn’t completed the writing the story for the series. In 2019, an update was received from Knight himself, who said that the writing was nearly finished, but the filming won’t start until late 2019 or early 2020.


The casts of the Taboo season 2  from the first season are to reprise their roles for the second season. The list of the cast  includes Tom Hardy as James Delaney, Jessie Buckley as Lorna Delaney, Mark Gatiss as the Prince Regent, Edward Hogg as Michael Godfrey, David Hayman as Brace and Stephen Graham as Atticus. Then, there will be the recurring cast that includes Scroobius Pip, Roger Ashton, Louis Serkis, Lucian Msamati, Tom Hollander, and Marina Hands.

There is no official trailer for the series and the trailers often tend to release a month or so before the actual release of the series. The fans might have to wait a little longer for the trailer and the show itself.


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