The Secret: Dare to Dream – Review of the New Romentic Drama based on ‘The Secret’ Book


The movie titled ” The Secret : Dare to Dream” is a new age romantic and family drama based on the 2006 best-seller self help book ” The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. This movie, directed by Andy Tennant and produced by Rhonda Byrne, Joe Gelchion, Matthew George and Robert W.Cort, stars Katie Holmes as Miranda Wells and Josh Lucas as Bray Johnson as its lead actors and Sarah Hoffmeister as Missy Wells, Aidan Brennan as Greg Wells and Chloe Lee as Bess Wells as the major supporting actors.
Set in New Orleans, Louisiana, this movie is based on the power of positive thinking and the writer’s belief of the law of attraction. The movie revolves around a young, enthusiastic widow, Miranda Wells, striving to bring up her three children when fate brings Bray Johnson into her chaotic life who not only changes her perspective towards life but also transforms her life altogether.
Miranda Wells and Bray Johnson, who are initially complete strangers, accidentally bump into each other when Miranda rams her vehicle into Bray’s pick-up truck and this is how the main plot of the movie begins. The movie continues as these two strangers become a crucial part of each others’ lives. Bray, a happy-go-lucky person, helps Miranda with various odd jobs that blossoms a friendly bond between them. The movie advances through several hilarious as well as heart-touching scenarios like those people experience in their daily lives, until one day when there is news about a perilous storm that posed a major threat to the city. Miranda feels that it is always better to be proactive, however, contradictory to this, Bray holds this belief that people possess the power of making something happen with their masive potential to think and that when we anticipate the possibility of a situation, it is bound to happen due to the law of attraction.
In this movie, Johnson portrays the mind of the writer who holds immense belief in the law of attraction and its influence on people’s lives. Bray is the character that brings the writer’s beliefs, her imagination, to life. As Bray quotes in the movie “Your thoughts attract things with a force that you cannot see but is definitely real. You have to be careful because we get what we expect.” This theory is proven when the storm does hit the city as Wells had anticipated.
This storm becomes a major turning point not only in the story but also in the lives of Miranda and her children as they become aware of their thoughts and focus on positivity in their thoughts in particular and life in general. Overall, this movie is a love story that also emphasizes on the theory of the law of attraction and its benefits. This movie has the potential to change people’s perspective towards life. This movie is more than just a love story, it is also a movie on self-help and highlights the importance of positivity.
Sanjay Kumar Gupta
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