The Woman in the Window- Everything about the upcoming R rated Movie


A movie named “The Women in the Window” is an upcoming American film which is based on the 2018 novel of same name by author A. J. Finn . This movie is a basically psychological suspense thriller which is directed by Joe Wright.
This movie is produced by Scott Rudin, Eli Bush, Anthony Katagas. Its screenplay by Tracy Letts and  cast and crew names are here Amy Adams , Gary Oldman , Anthony Mackie, Wyatt Russel, Brian Tyree, Henry, Jennifer Jason Leigh , and Julianne Moore . This movie was scheduled to be released on 15 May 2020 by 20th century studios but due to Coronavirus it is delaying but after this pandemic end it will soon come.
There is an agoraphobic child named Dr. Anna Fox , who never comes out of his house, she is suffering from mental illness and she sees everything from either window or on internet and this role is played by Amy Adams. This women is going under depression in this movie, she lives alone in New York city and she has a habit of watching old movies , drinking problem and severe agoraphobia.
Anna spends her days by spying on  neighbours and then Russells move into the house across the way, but one day she witnesses  something so shocking in Russell’s home and she want to report all these things she wants to unravel that mystery but soon everything became a questioned and she started doubted on herself that is it really happened or was a nightmare or it can be the overdose of pills and alcohol.
In whole movie she is justifying and trying to understand what is happening with herself as we saw in trailer that she thought there is someone in her house and something is going wrong, and as it is based on Novel so the movie can be same to some extent . The cinematography done by Bruno Delbonnel and its music by Danny Elfman and this movie is in English language.
This movie is a fictional movie it will makes the person to see full movie as it is a thrilling and suspenseful movie. Amy Adams did a great job in acting since we see in a trailer, i know that was just a trailer but we hope that the flow of acting will not break and  not only Amy Adams did great job but all others actors played their role very good as well.
In movie , audience will see that  how Anna fox came out of her questions which is going around herself – what is happening ? ,Who is doing all these things?, What is realistic and what is her  imagination ? , Who wanted to kill her? , etc and start living a life like a normal person lives. We hope this movie will come soon as possible as fast after this COVID-19 pandemic end . Whenever this movie will releases , go to cinemas,  watch it  and then give your reviews.
Sanjay Kumar Gupta
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